Frequently asked questions


Will the Festival’s 2020 productions be deferred and performed during the 2021 edition of the Festival, or during other future editions?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply defer all the 2020 edition productions to summer 2021, as the Festival’s 2021 program has already been set in stone several years ago. The selected works, artists, creators, and singers have been confirmed and have already begun working on the productions for summer 2021.
Furthermore, the artists scheduled to perform in the 2020 productions may not be free in 2021, as in the world of opera, performances must be planned far in advance and often, artist’s schedules are reserved several years in advance.
Naturally, the Festival wishes to reschedule as many of the 2020 programs as possible in the upcoming editions of the Festival, whether in 2021, 2022, or 2023.

What will be done with the props, sets, and costumes that have already been completed if the performances will not take place?

All of our 2020 productions were designed in coproduction with at least one other opera institution. The sets will be created, whether in Aix or by co-producers whose programs are also being impacted by the pandemic.

Will we be able to see the 2020 productions?

We are currently doing all we can to ensure that the 2020 productions can be performed in upcoming editions of the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence or by our co-producers in other locations. We will keep you informed of the dates and locations of future performances.

Are the Festival’s teams working during this period?

Yes, the Festival’s teams are currently working remotely in order to allow for the continuity of the Festival and to prepare for future editions. They will soon return to work at the different work sites of the Festival, all the while respecting the necessary sanitary conditions for their security, as well as for the security of others.


Will tickets purchased before the Festival’s cancellation be refunded?

Yes, a full refund is possible as was detailed in our general terms and conditions of sale. You will find on our website all the necessary practical information regarding refunds as well as a refund form. Please note that it is also possible to support the Festival d’Aix by donating the value or part of the value of your purchased ticket to the Festival’s relief fund.

I am unable to attach all my tickets to the refund form. What should I do?

It is possible to attach up to 3 documents to the form. You may take a photo of several of your tickets so that you can attach them to the form. Should you encounter any difficulties, we can be contacted via email at or via phone at +33(0)820 922 923.

I do not have my tickets as I had planned to pick them up before the performance. I have youth tickets and was going to pick them up before the performance.

You may attach a receipt, a summary of your purchase, (or any other document proving purchase) instead of the tickets.

I wish to donate the full price of the tickets I purchased to the Festival, why do I have to attach my bank details?

We must verify the identity of all who choose to donate the value of their tickets in order to verify that the person donating is the person who initially paid for the tickets.

I am unable to fill out the donation/refund form?

Contact us at +33(0) 820 922 923 or via email at
OR print out your tickets and send them to us accompanied by your bank details. Our postal address is the following:
Festival d’Aix-en-Provence / Service Billetterie
Palais de l'Ancien Archevêché
Place des Martyrs de la Résistance
(F) 13100 Aix-en-Provence

I bought / was gifted a gift card for the 2020 edition of the Festival, what happens in this case?

The person who purchased the gift card will be refunded. Whether the gift card had already been used to reserve tickets or not yet, the person who purchased the card must fill out the donation or refund form.
If the amount on the gift card was less than the total price of the tickets purchased, the person who purchased the tickets will be refunded the additional price paid for the tickets after having used the gift card. In order to receive this amount, they must fill out the refund/donation form.

The bank card used to pay for the tickets has expired or has been changed since I purchased the tickets. What should I do?

This will not pose a problem for your refund as your bank details are linked to your account and not to the card used when making the payment.

I opted to pay for my reservation in three installments and I still had one installment to pay when the Festival was cancelled. What happens in this case?

Once the Festival announced that it was cancelling the 2020 edition, all future debits were suspended. You will be refunded the amount that was already debited from your bank account.

What does a refund excluding fees mean?

As was outlined in the general conditions of sale, the fees indicated are reservation fees for those who reserve via internet or telephone for an additional fee of €3.50 and are nonrefundable, even in the event of the Festival being cancelled.

I wish to be refunded to another bank account that I did not use when I purchased the tickets. Is this possible?

For legal and tax purposes, all refunds must be made to the bank account that was originally used to purchase the tickets or gift card.

A friend or relative reserved the tickets in my name, will I be refunded?

If your friend or relative paid for the tickets, they will be refunded, even if payment was made in cash. However, if both of you paid in part for the tickets, the bank account details of both people will need to be attached to the form.

I purchased my tickets through a reseller (FNAC, Digitick,…) and I have not received an email outlining the refund methods from the Festival. What should I do?

For all refund requests, you must send the bank account details that your American Express card (or AMEX) or any other bank card is attached to (IBAN and BIC / SWIFT code).

I bought my tickets with an American Express card/my bank account is not French. What should I do?

Pour toute demande de remboursement, il est nécessaire de nous faire parvenir les coordonnées bancaires du compte auquel votre carte bancaire (ou AMEX) est rattachée (IBAN et code BIC / SWIFT).

I would like to go directly to the Festival’s ticket office to request a refund. Is this possible?

Unfortunately, we are not currently in a position to provide an opening date for our ticket office. Refunds is not be possible in person at the ticket office. In order to facilitate the smooth processing of your refund requests, we advise you to fill out the online form.

Can I make a donation/refund request via email?

No. All refund or donation requests must be carried out via the refund/donation form provided on our website. The form can be filled out online or printed and sent via postal mail. Please remember to attach the requested accompanying documents (tickets and bank details).

I paid with two different bank cards, which bank details should I provide?

If the bank cards in question are linked to two different bank accounts, you will need to send us the bank details of both accounts in order for us to refund each bank account with the same amount that was debited when the tickets were purchased.


Is the Festival d’Aix in a critical financial situation?

Cancelling the Festival two months before its scheduled opening date and at a time when a large part of the artistic expenses had already been incurred has weakened the entire Festival financially. It now depends on support from its institutional and private partners, as well as from its audiences.

Will the Festival d’Aix appeal for donations?

The Festival has put in place a relief fund alongside the possibility to donate the value of purchased tickets, in order to give Festival attendees the possibility to help us financially.


Will the 2021 edition take place?

The Festival’s teams are working tirelessly in order to ensure that the 2021 edition of the Festival will take place and will be as promising as the much anticipated 2020 edition.

Will there be fewer opera productions?

At this point, it is too early to predict any impact that the current situation may have on the 2021 edition.


How can I keep up to date with all that is happening at the Festival?

We regularly send out newsletters in order to keep you informed regarding the current situation and the different productions by the Festival that you can access online. Make sure to sign up to receive further information about the digital edition that is currently being prepared by our teams.
You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.