The Multidisciplinary Residency 2024 of the Académie du Festival d’Aix is a moment dedicated to embodied research processes. It engages in a dialogue between theoretical exploration and creative practice, providing a common space for sharing knowledge through collective moments and different forms of interaction. The first edition of the residency gives a special attention to the Voice as an intrinsically interdisciplinary field. The Voice is to be understood as an embodied phenomenon embedded in the tangible reality of flesh, a materially intersubjective realm, a study area of vocal performance and singing, a tool for la prise de parole and political engagement, a material for the aural imagination, and a force that navigates among human and more-than-human bodies.

Participants are invited to exchange queries, interim exploration findings, performance practices, and ongoing creative paths, seeking to implement a collaborative and sympoietic approach that investigates the convergences between performing arts, literature, critical thinking, auditory and musical explorations, and visual arts.

Conceived with performing arts theorist, dramaturg and curator Piersandra Di Matteo, the Multidisciplinary Residency of the Académie offers to foster dialogue among different disciplines and field of research: music and sound, visual arts, stage direction, choreography, critical theory and curating of the performing arts, dramaturgy and literature.

The daily agenda is structured around discussions, collaborative and individual research sessions, gatherings, guest-led presentations and workshops, and live performances. The activities aim to connect also with the local knowledge and environment of the Aix-Marseille Métropole, providing a situated experience inviting in a dialogue with the local communities.

The residency program concludes with two events: collective conference-performance on 7th July 2024 which serves as an occasion to “act in concert”, giving a creative expression of the discussions, dialogues, and artistic processes developed in the common space of the residency; and a participation to the Opera Makers encounters, as part of the professional days of the Festival d’Aix, on July 9th.

This residency is support by enoa and European Union’s Creative Europe programm.


  • April 2024 (date to be announced): online meeting and introduction to the residency program
  • From June 24th to July 8th, 2024: residence in Aix-en-Provence
  • July 7th: concert-performance
  • July 8th: Participation in Opera Makers professional days


Rosana Antolí (Spain) – performer, artist
Bayo Hassan Bello (Nigeria) – curator, artist
Jacopo Cenni (Italy) – composer

Jule Flierl (Germany) – choreographer, dancer, singer
Steve Katona (Germany) – singer, composer, performer
Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe (Belgium) – stage director
Simone Mousset (Luxembourg) – choreographer
Augusto Pedraza (Mexico) - performer
Jasmine Pisapia (Italy, Canada) - playwright
Lynn Daphne Rudolph (South Africa) – sound designer
Martina Ruggeri (Italy) – playwright, performer, stage director
Joseph Schiano di Lombo (France) – composer, author, musician
Aida Shirazi (Iran) - composer

Thuthuka Sibisi (South Africa) – composer


Piersandra di Matteo  performing arts theorist, dramaturge and curator
Claron McFadden lyric artist


Frédérique Aït-Touati — stage director and science historian
Nina Sun Eidsheim — musicologist

résidence pluridisciplinaire

Claron McFadden - Piersandra Di Matteo