At the Festival
Wednesday21June 2023


Since it was created in New York in 2002, the American organisation International Friends of the Aix-en-Provence Festival (IFILAF US) has supported the Festival and its most demanding projects. Thus, since 2003, IFILAF US has contributed to the production of the de Falla-Stravinsky-Schoenberg triptych staged by Klaus Michael Grüber and conducted by Pierre Boulez.

From across the Atlantic, these American donors passionately support the unique nature of the Festival d'Aix, and have led such initiatives as a presentation of the Festival’s 2023 season in Los Angeles; two exclusive events in New York — one in March (a discussion with John Brancy) and the other in May (a private recital by Natalie Lewis and Bénédicte Jourdois); and the English translation of the opera programmes being performed in Aix this summer. IFILAF US has been demonstrating its commitment to the Festival for over two decades!

This year, IFILAF US has decided to support  a special performance of The Threepenny Opera reserved for people under age 30! Tickets, which start at €9, will be available to festivalgoers aged 29 and below for this exclusive production of the opera by Kurt Weill, Bertolt Brecht and Elisabeth Hauptmann at the Théâtre de l'Archevêché.

Lastly, the Festival and the airline La Compagnie are delighted to offer a Festival d'Aix-en-Provence playlist featuring the greatest musical moments of the 2023 programme to all opera lovers traveling between France and the United States. The playlist is available aboard La Compagnie flights to New York from Paris or Nice.

Fly La Compagnie to enjoy the special Festival d’Aix playlist!