2023 Women Opera Makers

10 — 14 July 2023
Atelier créatrices d'opéra
© Vincent Beaume

Workshop open to women creators in their mid-career in the fields of performing arts and music.

Since 2016, the Académie du Festival d'Aix has been working to improve the representation of women in the field of opera and, while offering artists a unique support programme, is enabling the sector to evolve. Conceived by stage director Katie Mitchell, the Women Opera Makers workshop aims to increase the visibility of women who are evolving in the fields of music creation, directing, conducting, playwriting and performance. In addition to its action for the equity between women and men in the fields of multidisciplinary and musical arts, this workshop works for diversity in the broad sense. As such, it deliberately encourages the expression of different aesthetics and the creation of new narratives, and values artistic creativity at the highest level.

The workshop objectives are to strengthen the artists’ artistic and multidisciplinary network, to receive personalised advice in career development strategy, to offer guidance about managing sexism in the workplace, to reflect on the function of opera today, to get in contact with professionals of the sector in a unique context.

The participation of the Women Opera Makers to the Professional Days of the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence allows the opera world actors present in Aix to benefit from the effort made by the Académie's management in searching for, identifying and inviting to Aix talented professional artists.

12 artists will be selected for the workshop.


The Workshop will unfold in two times:

  • A half-day session to outline the workshop content and the preparation required by Katie Mitchell in April 2023 (remote)
  • A 5-day workshop week in Aix-en-Provence led by Katie Mitchell and including conversations with other women practitioners working at the Festival. (in Aix-en-Provence)

The week will end with Opera Makers - the Festival's Professional Meeting Days during which they will be able to present a pitch for a project to a group of professionals in the heart of the Festival.


Katie Mitchell — Stage Director