A Midsummer Night's Dream, Festival d'Aix 2015, Théâtre de l'Archevêché
Vincent Pontet


Numerous individual supporters and family foundations from France and abroad contribute to the development of Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, in particular through the Club des Mécènes and our International Friends’ partner organizations, IFILAF UK and IFILAF US.*

We thank them for their crucial commitment at our side, with special thanks to our major donors:
the Fondation Meyer pour le Développement Culturel et Artistique,
Karolina Blaberg Stiftung,
Fonds Chœur à l'Ouvrage,
The Eloise Susanna Gale Foundation
and Mr and Mrs Laurence Blackall,

Mécènes fondateurs

Mr and Mrs Christopher Carter, Mr Nicolas D. Chauvet, Mr and Mrs André Hoffmann, Mr Bruno Roger, Mr and Mrs Christian Schlumberger, Mr and Mrs Karel Vinck.

Grands mécènes

Mr and Mrs Charles Adriaenssen, Mr Jean-Louis Beffa, Ms Diane Britz Lotti, Mr and Mrs Didier de Callataÿ, Mr François Casier, Mr Nabil Chartouni, Ms Ariane Dandois, Mr and Mrs Bechara El Khoury, Mr Peter Espenhahn, Mr and Mrs Nicholas L.D. Firth, Mr Michael J. Foley, Mr and Mrs Burkhard Gantenbein, Ms Nomi Ghez and Dr. Michael S. Siegal, Mr and Mrs Jean-Claude Gruffat, Mr Frédéric Habets, Mr and Mrs Alain Honnart, Mr and Mrs Philippe Jabre, Baron and Baroness Daniel Janssen, Mr and Mrs Richard J. Miller, Mrs Marie Nugent-Head and Mr James C. Marlas, Mr Xavier Moreno, Mr Pascal Tallon, Mr and Mrs Henri-Michel Tranchimand, Mr and Mrs Anton van Rossum, Mr Jérôme Wigny.

Membres bienfaiteurs

Baron and Baroness Jean-Pierre Berghmans, Mr and Mrs Walter Butler, Mr and Mrs François Debiesse, Mr Michel Frasca, Mr Alain Guy, Mrs Sophie Kessler-Matière, Mr Michael Lunt, Mr Alessandro Riva and Mr Nicolas Bonnal, Mr and Mrs Demesthene Severis.

Membres donateurs

Mr Jad Ariss, Mr and Mrs Mark Armour, Mr and Mrs Thierry Aulagnon, Mr and Mrs Thierry d’Argent, Mr and Mrs Erik Belfrage, Baron and Baroness Philippe Bodson, Mr and Mrs Jacques Bouhet, Mr and Mrs François Bournerias, Mr Eric E. Bowles and Mrs Kuri Torigoe, Mr and Mrs Jordi and Patricia Caballé, Mrs Christelle Colin and Mr Gen Oba, Ms Nathalie Coll, Mr and Mrs Virgile Delâtre, Mr Roland Descouens, Mr and Mrs Charles-Henri Filippi, Mr Pierre-Yves Gautier, Mr and Mrs Pierre Guenant, Dr John A. Haines and Dr Anand Kumar Tiwari, Ms Yanne Hermelin, Mr William Kadouch-Chassaing, Mr and Mrs Raphaël Kanza, Mr and Mrs Samy Kinge, Mr Jean-Paul Labourdette, Ms Danielle Lipman W. Boccara, Mr and Mrs Michel Longchampt, Ms Anne Maus, Mr and Mrs Ton Meijer-Bergmans, Mr Henri Paret, Ms Sylvie Ouziel, Mr Thomas Rottner, Mr Etienne Sallé, Mr and Mrs Leonard Schrank, Mrs Catherine Stephanoff, Mr Benoît van Langenhove de Bouvekercke, Mr Michel Vovelle, Mr and Mrs Philip Wilkinson, Mr and Mrs Robert Zolade.

Membres actifs

Ms Pascale Alfonsi, Ms Laure Ayache Sartore, Mr and Mrs Jean-Paul Bailly, Mr Constant Barbas, Ms Patricia Barbizet, Mr Bernard Barone, Mr and Mrs Christian Bauzerand, Mrs Marie-Claude Billard, Mr and Mrs Olivier Binder, Mr and Mrs Daniel Caclin, Ms Christine Cayol-Machenaud, Ms Marie-Claude Char, Mrs Paz Corona and Mr Stéphane Magnan, Mr Alan Cravitz, Mr Pierre-Louis Dauzier, Mr Etienne Davignon, Mr Laurent Diot, Mr and Mrs Alain Douteaud, Mr and Mrs Olivier Dubois, Mr and Mrs Philippe-Henri Dutheil, Mr Jean-Marie Gurné, M. Pascal Houzelot, Ms Gabriele Kippert, Mr Didier Kling, Mr and Mrs Eric Laffont, Mr Jean-Marc La Piana, Mr Antoine Labbé, Mr Jean-Pol Lallement, Mr and Mrs Jacques Latil, Mrs Marie-Thérèse Le Liboux, Mr Jacques Le Pape, Mr Cédric Leoty, Ms Janine Levy, Mrs Francine Loreau, Mr Thierry Martinache, Mr and Mrs Jean-Pierre Mégnin, Mr Bernard Miyet, Mr and Mrs Guillaume de Montrichard, Mrs Maryse Most, Baroness Sheila and Sir Barry Noakes, Mrs Maryvonne Pinault, Mr Olivier Renaud-Clément, Mrs Jacqueline Roland-Gosselin, Mr and Mrs Jimmy Roze, Mr Jon Rupp, Mr and Mrs Jacques-Olivier Simonneau, Mr and Mrs David Syed, Mr and Mrs Sebastien Veil, Mr and Mrs Jean-Renaud Vidal, M. Philippe Villin.

Board of trustees


Mr Jean-Claude Gruffat (President), Mr Richard J. Miller (Treasurer), Mr Jérôme Brunetière (Secretary), Ms Diane Britz Lotti, Mr Nabil Chartouni, Ms Edmée de M. Firth, Ms Marie Nugent-Head Marlas, Dr Michael S. Siegal, The Honorable Anne Cox Chambers Honorary (Member of the Founding Board), Mr Jacques Bouhet (Honorary Member)


Ms Jane Carter (President), Mr Peter Espenhahn (Treasurer), Mr Laurence Blackall, Mr Jérôme Brunetière, Ms Béatrice Schlumberger, Mr David Syed.

*Many of our patrons wish to remain anonymous. List of supporters as of November 1st, 2017.

To become a Festival sponsor, please contact +33 (0)4 42 17 43 56 – clubdesmecenes@festival-aix.com