Cercle Lily Pastré

Tosca de Puccini – mise en scène Christophe Honoré – direction musicale Daniele Rustioni – Festival d’Aix-en-Provence 2019 © Jean Louis Fernandez
© Jean Louis Fernandez
In honour of Countess Pastré, the first philanthropist of the Festival involved in its creation, the Cercle Lily Pastré brings together opera lovers who, through their consistent and substantial contributions, help the Festival d’Aix renew opera and keep it alive.

Join forces with the Festival according to your own interests or through your personal project by becoming a member of a philanthropic community that shares your passion for opera.
In the Cercle Lily Pastré, you are closely linked to the development of projects you wish to support, and you benefit from a unique personal relationship with the Festival teams and management.
You also have the possibility of becoming an ambassador of the Festival d’Aix by getting involved in our fundraising campaign, and by allowing us to benefit from your expertise and your networks.


The Major Donors of the Cercle Lily Pastré commit to supporting the Festival or one of its specific projects for a minimum period of three years. They benefit from a tailored recognition and awards programme based on their personal interests and their level of support:

  • DIAMOND: annual donation ≥ €1,000,000
  • PLATINUM: annual donation ≥ €400,000
  • GOLD: annual donation ≥ €100,000
  • SILVER: annual donation ≥ €50,000
  • BRONZE: annual donation ≥ €25,000


Launched as a fundraising tool for substantial financial contributions, the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence Endowment Fund is yet another option open to donors. The purpose of this fund, created in 2016, is to build up reserves in order to ensure the future of the Festival, and to allow the Festival to make medium-term artistic and strategic commitments.

If you live in France, any donation made to the Festival d’Aix or to its Endowment Fund is eligible for an income tax reduction equal to 66% of the amount, within the limit of 20% of taxable income.

For donors living in the United Kingdom, the United States, or in Europe (outside of France), the Festival d’Aix allows you to benefit from tax deductions as provided for under the legislation of your country of residence, through the IFILAF UK (Charity status) and the IFILAF US (501c3 status) friends associations, and through Transnational Giving Europe.


Mathias Coullaud
Director of Philanthropy and Development
+33 4 42 15 57 86 / +33 6 27 56 97 83

Pauline Pedexes
Major Gifts Manager
+33 1 44 88 59 67 / +33 6 68 52 98 37