Passerelles Published on 13/03/2020
On 12 and 13 March 2020, the Festival d’Aix set-construction and costume-production workshops in Venelles opened their doors to over 400 vocational high school students, university students, young adults, and adults participating in on-the-job training programmes. Through meetings with the technical teams and discussions focused on their careers and their know-how, the participants learned about a variety of professions in the performing arts and discovered life behind the scenes. It was an immersive experience in the process of opera set creation!

From the mock-up of a set to the actual performance of a production in various venues of the Festival, the set construction process involves numerous intermediate steps utilizing a myriad of professional skills. Locksmithing; carpentry; pre-assembly; decorating; sculpting; engineering and design; the production of props and costumes; makeup; hairstyling; and sound, video and light management all form the broad range of professions that are key to the creation of an opera!

Guided by a facilitator from the Passerelles team, the public, who were split up into smaller groups, met with several members of the technical staff. These professionals described the daily routine of their occupations, which they illustrated with a few of their finished works, while also revealing certain tricks of the trade. It was a special occasion to learn about the technical skills at the heart of these métiers, and to discuss with a team of professionals who are passionate about their trades.

The two open days were coordinated by the Passerelles department and the technical direction.
With the support of: Région SUD – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, DRAC (French Regional Cultural Affairs Agency), Conseil départemental du 13.
With the suport of: Fondation ENGIE, Fondation La Poste, Fondation CMA CGM.

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