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Académie Published on 13/11/2017
Orchestre des Jeunes de la Méditerranée - Session symphonique - Festival d'Aix-en-Provence 2017
© Vincent Beaume

Are you a young musician from the Mediterranean? Would you like to get a high-level training while benefiting from the presence of the prestigious artists at the Festival d'Aix?
Apply to the auditions and let your talent shine!
The Mediterranean Youth Orchestra (MYO) organised training sessions to young artists from the Mediterranean offering an intercultural experience of life within a orchestra or an ensemble in creation. A hundred young musicians from twenty different countries are chosen from auditions from November 2017 to March 2018 to take part in the MYO sessions at the Académie du Festival d’Aix.


We have the chance to be trained by the best teachers, play in a very important festival with great conductors and also have a tour. The staff is doing an excellent job and is taking care of us.
So we have everything we need to work and create something interesting and unique, like professional orchestras do. It was one of the biggest experiences of my life so far!

Konstantinos Sifakis (2017 symphonic session)

In 2018, the MYO leads four training programmes for young Mediterranean artists:

  • SYMPHONIC SESSION | A programme designed for classical musicians offering an experience of life within a symphonic orchestra in a fully intercultural environment
    Dates: 2018, July 10 - 28
    Conductor: Kazushi Ono 
    Pedagogical coaching: London Symphony Orchestra  
  • OPERA SESSION Orfeo & Majnun | A programme designed for classical musicians offering the opportunity to participate in the creation of the opera Orfeo & Majnun as a member of the "Sinfonietta" (small orchestra)
    Dates : 2018, April 23 - 25 and 2018, July 3 - 8
    Musical direction: Bassem Akiki
  • INTERCULTURAL CREATION SESSION | A programme designed for musicians with improvisation skills (Mediterranean musical traditional practices, jazz..) offering a space for creating a musical collective work within an intercultural ensemble, across experimenting improvisation and composition techniques
    Dates: 2018, July 5 - 20
    Musical direction: Fabrizio Cassol
    Career development coaching: Christiane Louis

RELAY ARTISTS | A programme designed for musicians and singers offering the opportunity to learn the specific skills required to lead participatory educational and outreach activities through experimentation and musical improvisation techniques
- Introductory module: 2017, November 24-26
- Comprehensive module: 2018, February 12-16
- Relay singers module: 2018, February 27 - March 3rd
- Project development module: 2018, June 19-24
Pedagogical coordination: Mark Withers

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