Offer a gift card valid on the entire programme of the 2021 Festival.
Give the gift of a gift card, available for a minimum value of €50. You cannot go wrong!

— How does it work?

If you have received a gift card, you may freely choose the performance you wish to attend: an opera, a concert, or even a subscription package. Just book the seat and the category of your choice. Next, confirm your booking; and, at the moment you pay, enter the 16-digit code found on the card. Gift card purchases may be made on internet or at the box office.

— Good to know!

It is possible to pay for a single order with several gift cards. You may also use your gift card for only a portion of a booking: the remainder may be paid by another method of payment (by credit card or, at the box office only, by cheque). If the amount on the gift card is more than the price of the booking, credit is generated in the cardholder’s name. This credit must be used by the end of the current Festival edition.
Possibility of shared payment is available (PLEDG).