Orfeo & Majnun - Parade urbaine du 24 juin 2018 - Vincent Beaume
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Committed to making art and culture accessible to the many, and convinced that the future of opera is in the making today, Festival d’Aix set up the Passerelles educational and socio-artistic services in 2007 and 2008. Their actions aim to include a wide variety of audiences in the life of the Festival, and invite them to experience the opera. 
In 2019, the educational and socio-artistic services involved over 4,000 participants in their projects, in connection with teams from over 200 schools, universities, associations and social institutions in the region.The momentum injected by Passerelles brings in its wake the entire Festival and thus fulfils its desire to actively contribute to the region’s cultural development.

2020 Projects

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2019 in numbers

3,970 participants in awrareness-raising activities (whose 550 Opéra ON members)
85 schools
87 associations and social institutions
4,180 free seats offered to partners
201 amateurs involved in artistic projects (Opéra de-ci de-là, Corps et Voix workshops, Work Songs (Cie Rara Woulib), La Conférence des Oiseaux)
400 participants in the open workshop days in the commune of Venelles
500 participants in the Theatre backstage tours

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