Aya Eldika (Liban), participante à une session de création interculturelle - Festival d'Aix & Medinea
© Marco Usala
Medinea (MEDiterranean INcubator of Emerging Artists) founded and driven by the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, supports the professional integration of young Mediterranean musicians, by developing intercultural projects that enhance dialogue, transmission, and mobility around the Mediterranean basin. The network consists of cultural organizations of the music sector engaged in the dynamics of exchange and collaboration at the international level. They include higher education institutions, cultural centers, festivals, and music markets.



    The Medinea members have ascertained the following:

    • Bearing in mind the complex challenges that the Euro-Mediterranean region is currently facing, Medinea members acknowledge that we are at a turning point in time which clearly demands strengthening intercultural dialogue and creating the right environment for a peaceful coexistence.
    • It is necessary and urgent to promote cultural diversity, intercultural creations, living together in peace, mobility in the Mediterranean, principles of reciprocity, and equal opportunities between cultures, between countries, and between women and men.
    • Music has the incredible capacity to move beyond linguistic, social, political, and cultural barriers. It plays a key role in intercultural communication as it is a remarkable medium for exchange and dialogue between different cultures.
    • Mediterranean music heritage has been shaped over the centuries thanks to permanent interaction and re-appropriation of various artistic traditions, demonstrating richness and diversity which must be made known, highlighted, and renewed.
    • Heritage and creation mutually enlighten each other.
    • Transmitting this music heritage to young artists, audiences, and future generations, enables a better understanding of cultures present in a place, and may bring citizens closer to each other and strengthen links between them.
    • Collaboration between cultural institutions of the Mediterranean basin is fundamental for the development, mobility, and transfer of knowledge and skills.
    • Intercultural dialogue requires better mobility of individuals.


    In view of the above convictions, we pursue the following objectives:

    • To encourage circulation of artistic expression, ideas, artists and professionals in the Euro-Mediterranean zone
    • To promote a better knowledge and dissemination of diverse expressions of Mediterranean music heritage to young artists, professionals, and audiences
    • To support professional integration of young Mediterranean artists
    • To develop the community of young artists linked to the Medinea network in order to increase opportunities for professional encounters and transfer of skills
    • To strengthen conditions necessary for the development of creative processes in the Euro-Mediterranean zone
    • To reinforce collaboration with educational institutions in the Mediterranean region leading to more effective links between musical creation and higher education
    • To establish Medinea as a label that promotes all the values and convictions of this manifesto



    The Medinea members signatories of Medinea’s manifesto are:

    Amwaj — PALESTINE
    ARC Research and Consultancy — MALTA
    Casa Árabe — SPAIN
    Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano — ITALY
    DimaJazz International Festival — ALGERIA
    Ghassan Yammine Arts School in Beirut — LEBANON
    Edward Said National Conservatory of Music — PALESTINE
    Egyptian Center for Culture and Arts – Makan — EGYPT
    Ente Musicale di Nuoro — ITALY
    Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa — PORTUGAL
    Festival d’Aix-en-Provence — FRANCE
    Higher Institute of Music of Sousse — TUNISIA
    International Cultural Center of Hammamet — TUNISIA
    Istanbul Technical University / Dr. Erol Üçer Center for Advanced Studies in Music — TURKEY
    Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of music — LEBANON
    Montenegrin Music Centre — MONTENEGRO
    National Conservatory of Athens — GREECE
    Joven Orquesta Nacional de España (JONDE) — SPAIN
    The Cairo Conservatoire — EGYPT
    The Higher Institute of Music of Sfax — TUNISIA
    The Opera Theater / The City of Culture — TUNISIA
    The Palestine Philharmonie — PALESTINE
    University of Arts of Tirana - Art Academy — ALBANIA
    Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana — SLOVENIA
    University of Macedonia - Department of Music science & Art — GREECE
    University of Zagreb - Academy of Music — CROATIA
    Visa For Music — MOROCCO

    With the support of