An increasingly accessible Festival

Public - Opéra On - 2015
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For young people: special rates and events for the under 30s

The Festival has confirmed a determination to open up venues to the widest possible public, especially young people and children. In 2018, 39.9% of tickets were sold at a price below €55, and 924 festival-goers took up the child discovery offer (a free ticket for a child accompanied by a parent). Since 2011, special rates for young people under 30 have been available, with tickets at €9 (for operas) and €8 (for concerts), and proving to be a big hit this year with 1247 tickets sold. 457 PASS, giving access to 42 events in Aix en Juin and to the Académie, were also provided free of charge to young people under 30.

Opera ON is a programme running all the year round and inviting young people under 30 to get a taste of the world of the Festival d'Aix and performances, with a large number of free events, as well as an evening at the opera in exceptional conditions, with top-category seats for just €9. In 2018, the programme allocated 454 places for the first opera performances.


Initiatives for the widest possible public

The Festival d'Aix is an innovative player in favour of popularising art and culture, and for many years now has developed educational and social-artistic projects in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. These Passerelles (Gateways) are a real laboratory for exploring opera and participatory projects designed for school groups, associations and social organisations in the region.


Aix en juin, access to performances with the cut-price PASS

57 performances, accessible with the PASS priced €20 (free for young people under 30), attracted 16,670 people in 2018.


Audiovisual broadcasts in France and all over the world

Each year since 2008, the Festival has been broadcasting operas on big screens in France and abroad, either live from the Festival or aired throughout the rest of the year.

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