Tabea Zimmermann
Marco Borggreve
The Viola in the Spotlight

Tabea Zimmermann

The order made to Charlotte Bray is supported by Sacem.

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Tabea Zimmermann
Andrea Hill
(2010 HSBC Laureate of the Académie)
Edwige Herchenroder
(2013 HSBC Laureate of the Académie)

Charles Martin Loeffler Four poems, op. 5
Charlotte Bray* In Black Light
World premiere for solo viola (dedicated to Tabea Zimmermann)
Franz Liszt Forgotten Romance for viola and piano
Zoltán Kodály Adagio for viola and piano (transcription for viola)
Johannes Brahms Zwei Gesänge, op. 91

In liberating the viola from its role as a secondary instrument, Brahms succeeded in establishing it as a worthy partner for the voice, just as the composer Charlotte Bray raises the instrument to the rank of soloist in the new piece that she has entrusted to Tabea Zimmermann. This is also a time for rediscovery: Loeffler’s melodies set to poems by Verlaine and Baudelaire, Kodály’s irresistible Adagio from his Brahmsian period, and an intimate Liszt piece inspired by Berlioz – a fervent defender of the viola’s own specific virtuosity.

* former artist of the Académie