Vincent Pontet
Ondřej Adámek (1979)

Seven Stones


Opera a capella for four soloist singers
and twelve chorister singers
Libretto by Sjón

New production of the Festival d'Aix-en-Provence and its Académie
In coproduction with accentus / axe 21, Opéra de Rouen Normandie, ARS Musica

A rendezvous MP2018 Quel Amour !

Prices : 70€, 50€, 30€
Youth ticket price : 9€
Children's discovery offer for all performances
Performance available with season ticket packages and Premium or Prestige offers

1 hour and 20 minutes
Sung in English with French surtitles
Ondřej Adámek
Léo Warynski*
Stage Director and Choreographer
Éric Oberdorff
Stage and Lighting Designer
Éric Soyer
Costume Designer
Clémence Pernoud*
Maid / Storyteller
Anne-Emmanuelle Davy
Land Lady / Storyteller
Shigeko Hata*
Stone Collector
Nicolas Simeha
Stone Collector's Wife
Landy Andriamboavonjy
accentus / axe 21
*Former artists of the Académie
On 7, 8 and 15 July at 5:00pm
On 10, 12 and 17 July at 7:00pm

time — the difference between man
and stone is time — when man has turned
to dust the stone retains its shape

Sjón, Seven Stones, prologue (2016)

A mineralogist-collector who has got lost down a snowy lane remembers: many years earlier, he had gone in search of the first stone – the one that was almost used to stone to death the adulterous woman who was saved by Christ. During this seven-year long journey that takes him from Buenos Aires to Paris and from Japan to Iceland, the collector discovered many other stones... And the end of his journey leads to the conclusion of his quest – and to tragedy. Presenting this chamber fresco in the elegant red velvet atmosphere of the Jeu de Paume Theatre, Icelandic poet Sjón and Czech composer Ondřej Adámek tell a universal story that has the grace of our dreams and the force of our nightmares. Giving life to the shimmering precious stones of the opera in English are the voices of twelve choral singers from accentus and four soloists, who will be playing a number of surprising instruments and objects, some specially invented for this original, accessible and fascinating new production.


with the support of

Ministry of Culture and Communication
(Support for the writing of an original musical work)

Fondation Meyer pour le développement culturel et artistique
Fonds de Création Lyrique

Monsieur Bernard Barone, Madame Anne-Laurence Bonnot, Monsieur François Bournerias, Madame Caroline Claverie, Madame Edilia Gaenz, Monsieur Stéphane Péard et Madame et Monsieur Demesthene Severis

Seven Stones is among the finalists of the FEDORA - GENERALI Prize