Quatuor Béla

Three brothers of storm

Camp des Milles
9 July
Quatuor Béla

Robert Pascal Obscure Lumière
Hans Krása Theme and Variations
Pavel Haas Quartet n°2, op.7, "From the Monkey Mountains"
Erwin Schulhoff Quartet n°1

The Béla Quartet has chosen to revive the work of three Jewish composers who suffered both persecution and neglect, performing some of their key works, imbued with the ironic sophistication of Roaring Twenties Berlin and the mystery of the interwar period. In addition, a joint commission from the Festival d'Aix and the Béla Quartet addressed to composer Robert Pascal will pay tribute to the hymn for the Camp des Milles, internment camp where many artists were deported.

The combined ticket allows the visit of Camp des Milles internment camp before the concert or within the next three months.

Programme (pdf in French)

Sunday 9 July 2017

Price: 15€
With the Pass: 10€
Youth price: 8€
Camp des Milles visit combined ticket: 20€

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