Répétition d'Ouverture[s]
Vincent Beaume
Jas de Bouffan music walk


Celebrate together and with music the opening of AIX EN JUIN!

Free, on booking for the sessions at the Vasarely Foundation

Quatuor Béla, Raphaël Imbert, Mark Withers
Heads of the Chorus
Philippe Franceschi, assisté de Vincent Cladere
Geneviève Sorin, assisted by Léa Canu-Ginoux
Jas de Bouffan neighbourhood
On 4 June at 5:30pm

A musical and festive event with many surprises at the heart of the Jas de Bouffan neighbourhood.

5:30pm & 6:3pm (two sessions) • Fondation Vasarely Free on booking

7:30pm to 8:30pm • Parc Gilbert Vilers & Théâtre de Verdure • Free

9pm to 10:30pm • Bois de l'Aune • Free


9:45am • La Thumine • free on booking at jasig.anonymaux@gmail.com

MÉMOJAS by Anonymal welcomes you to discover little known venues of the Jas de Bouffan neighbourhood with musicals stops throughout the way with musicians of the Festival d'Aix Académie.
Walking shoes and a bottle of water are recommended.
Meeting point in front of the centre social Les Amandiers.

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