Abbaye de Silvacane (Cloître), La Roque d'Anthéron
Jean-Claude Carbonne
The Voices of Silvacane / Mozart residency

Mozart and « papa » Haydn

For the 5th consecutive year, The Voices of Silvacane mark one of highlights of AIX EN JUIN and make resound polyphonic magnificences under inspiring arches of the Cistercian abbey of Silvacane in La Roque d'Anthéron. A real celebration of vocal art through centuries and continents, in the course of three exceptional concerts!

Entry with the PASS at €15
Single ticket : €5
Free for the under-30s

On booking (From 20 May at 10 am)
On-site at the Festival Shop
On 08 20 922 923 (12cts € / min)

Singers of the Académie
Pianists of the Académie
Abbaye de Silvacane - Cloître
La Roque d'Anthéron
On 17 June at 7:00pm

Between the brilliant Amadeus and "papa" Haydn, there was mutual affection and admiration. They are revealed in the program of this concert, where tunes and ensembles of sacred music of these two composers are interpreted by the singers and pianists of the Académie participating in the Mozart Residency.