La Nuit d'Antigone

Contemporary writings by Mediterranean women
Music composition and reading of poems by
Iman MERSAL (Egypt), Hala MOHAMMAD (Syria), Cristina FALLARÁS (Spain), Maja PETROVIC (Bosnia), Birhan KESKIN (Turkey)
Sylvie PAZ
Perrine MANSUY
DJ/sound design
Anne-Laure BOURGET
Voice and 'ûd
Moneim ADWAN
Artistic Direction
Video, Stage Design
With the participation of
pianist Nathalie NÉGRO's students

An evening in partnership with Sciences Po Aix, PIANOANDCO et Seconde Nature

A production of Sublimes Portes
Les Nouvelles Antigone, a coproduction Sciences Po Aix, Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, Seconde Nature, MP2018, Quel Amour !, PIANDOANDCO, Centre Franco-Allemand Provence

La Nuit d'Antigone, a creation initiated by the association Sublimes Portes, weaves an imaginary feminine thread between several countries of the Mediterranean. With a cast of Sylvie Paz on vocals, Perrine Mansuy on piano, Amina Mezaache on flute, Anne-Laure Bourget on percussion and DJ Ipek Ipekçioglu on sound design, this sonorous armada paints a captivating portrait of contemporary women, symbols of struggle and resistance in the changing societies of the Mediterranean basin. A poetic odyssey carried by the contemporary writing of 5 artists-women over-whelmed by obscurantism. They share a deep love for poetry; a love that gives them real momentum and the desire to create new forms and aesthetics.

Actress Darina Al Joundi will read texts in French and Arabic. The choir Ibn Zaydoun is invited to interpret two new poems of the Syrian poet Hala Mohammad, on a composition of Moneim Adwan.

As a prelude to the concert, a video clip will retrace the work done during the residency of the pianist Nathalie Négro, associate artist during the year 2017-2018 at Sciences Po Aix as part of the cycle Les Nouvelles Antigones. DJ Ipek Ipekçioglu will close the evening with a DJ Set outdoor in front of the Conservatoire (from 22h to midnight, on the forecourt Mozart, free admission).


A musical performance preceded by a round table on the subject of new forms of writing by women (Blogging, feminine literature and resistance) at 4p.m. at Sciences Po Aix (Free entry).


Camera song

The pianist Nathalie Négro, artist associated with Sciences Po Aix during the year 2017/18, built her intervention around a corpus of emblematic works of the twentieth century repertoire. These works were the support of a work around the rhythm (Clapping music by Steve Reich), the polyphonic vocal practice (Story by John Cage and Gertrude Stein) and the score, from his writing to his interpretation (Stripsody by Cathy Berberian).

Practice and creation were also addressed in this project. The eight women involved in the adventure offered their own documentary sound material, in the form of political slogans, Japanese, Mexican, or taken from May 68 and Arab Spring ... From this material is engaged a creative exploration around the musicality of words and the rhythmic power of these scansions.

On the program of this presentation: Story by John Cage on a text by Gertrude Stein and Clapping music by Steve Reich followed by the screening of a film directed on this experience by Clémence Plenet, one of the students, under the supervision of Olivier Stalla, sound director and Octavia de Larroche, director.


List of participants:
Taos Boudine, Loise Jean, Rachel Joubert, Rose-Aurore Leal, Clemence Plenet, Anne-Sophie Obin, Aude Signoles, Noémie Watanabe
With the precious help of Olivier Stalla (sound director) and Octavia de Larroche (director)

Saturday 9 June 2018

Entry with the PASS at €20
Free for the under-30s
Single ticket : €5

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