The music of today at the heart of the Festival d'Aix — with the support of SACEM

INCISE, feminine noun (from the Latin “incisa”: mark with a cut, to cut into): Short proposition inserted in another. (As of tomorrow, she says, I am leaving.)

Marcel Proust or Marguerite Duras were fond of it – the Incise is a French grammatical proposition encased in a longer sentence. This also holds true for the series Incises: this title distinguishes the contemporary programmes which form part of a central part of the Festival d’Aix. Operatic creations or revivals, symphonic works, chamber pieces, meetings and masterclasses form part of a festival in the Festival, rich in its diversity. Similar to an echo chamber reserved for today’s music, Incises will propose each summer, operas and concerts including numerous creations, of which certain will be produced by the Académie du Festival d’Aix. In its plural version which promises vivid contrasts, the noun Incises constitutes a homage to Pierre Boulez, author of Incises and of Sur Incises. The French composer did indeed play an eminent role in international musical life as well as in the history of the Festival d’Aix. And thanks to this simple [s] the whole profusion of the creations of our time are reflected, shimmering and… incisive

For its first edition, Incises will be based principally around two axes. One will be devoted to Wolfgang Rihm, the most eminent German composer today, and whose importance in France is only just beginning to be taken into consideration, and Michel van der Aa, a highly innovative Dutch composer, who will present in Aix his first opera in 3D as well as an installation in virtual reality, Eight, and leads workshops on “opera & new technologies” within the Académie program.