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Published on February 25 2019


Open Days at the Workshops
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For its second edition, the Festival's Workshop Open Days on 7 and 8 February welcomed over 400 participants from the Passerelles partner groups, mainly students, vocational secondary school students, and young people and adults seeking for a job. The aim? To help people to discover opera by learning about its technical careers and taking a look behind the scenes. Coordinated by the Festival d'Aix's Passerelles services and the SUD – Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur Region - and with the support of the Engie Foundation, the open days give these members of the public an opportunity to meet the Festival's technical teams and discuss their professional careers, the work they have done and their skills.

From the scale model of a set to its use on the Festival's various stages, many intermediate steps are involved in putting on the event, calling on a wide range of professional skills. Metalworking, carpentry, decoration, sculpture, research and design, as well as creating accessories, costumes, make-up, hairdressing or managing sound, video and lighting... all these are among the wide range of trades that are essential to putting on an opera! 

On these Open Days, attendees were divided into small groups and guided by an outreach officer from the Passerelles team. They were given the opportunity to discover twelve trades presented by the technical staff and see some of their previous work. The experience was an ideal way of understanding the technical skills required for these professions and a chance to meet teams who are passionate about their work.


Discover Yann Madé's pictures which recount the event and gives a glimpse of each professional meeting points offered during these open days.

Yann Madé is a cartoonist. He is captivated by comic books. He hosts drawing workshops and cooperates with Passerelles for several years. He is also the author of several published titles including Encore raté, titre provisoire (2013), Faire danser le Golem (2014), De la sympathie pour les débiles (2016) and Cher Moktar (La Boîte à Bulles, 2016).

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