— At the Festival

Published on July 22 2021


As part of the progressive reopening of cultural spaces, the French government has implemented place the “Pass Sanitaire” (“Health Pass”), to access venues from 1000 seats until July 20 (Théâtre de l'Archevêché and Grand Théâtre de Provence), and from 50 seats from July 21 (all venues of the Festival d'Aix).

The goal of this system is to allow you to attend performances by providing proof of your non-contamination by COVID.

Each audience member must present his or her PASS SANITAIRE in either a digital format or on paper, along with a piece of ID. These documents will be checked by our team at the entrance to the theatre.

This health pass is mandatory for anyone age 18 and up.

For additional information, read our Frequently Asked Questions and our COVID-19 SAFETY CHARTER.

If you still haven’t found the answers to your questions, contact the box office.

No refund may be requested if you do not present a valid PASS SANITAIRE.

Remember to ensure that your phone is charged if you opt for the digital version of the health pass!

It comprises a choice of three proofs, depending on your situation

— 1) Either a certificate of vaccination, provided that you have finished a complete vaccine schedule, as defined by the French Scientific Council. Namely:

Pfizer > 7 days after the second injection
Moderna > 7 days after the second injection
AstraZeneca > 7 days after the second injection
Johnson and Johnson (single dose) > 28 days after the injection
Vaccine for persons who have recovered from COVID-19 (single dose) > 7 days after the second injection

The certificate is in the form of a QR Code, and has to be downloadable on the TousAntiCovid app.

— 2) Proof a negative antigen or RT-PCR test performed within the last 48 hours. Note that as of July 7, the RT-PCR tests will no longer be free.

— 3) The result of a positive antigen or RT-PCR test, at least 15 days but no more than six months old, certifying that you have recovered from COVID.

For each PCR or antigen test, you will receive an email and an SMS that will allow you to download the results via https://sidep.gouv.fr/cyberlab/Customer/FAQ_EN.pdf. These results, in the form of a QR Code, may be either printed, or downloaded to the TousAntiCovid (TAC) app.


— If you don’t have your health pass yet, you can go to a pharmacy the night before the scheduled performance to get an antigen test and thus obtain your Pass Sanitaire. It’s quick, easy and and not very expensive.
— Attention: you must do this no more than 48 hours before the performance (with the timestamp of the swab serving as proof of time and date)!
For example: You’re attending a performance at 9:30 p.m. on 30 June. Your test must therefore be performed AFTER 9:30 p.m. on 28 June.


— Since 25 June, 23 European countries have been issuing proof of vaccination in the form of an “EU Digital COVID Certificate.” We will be equipped to read and verify this type of QR Code when you arrive at your performance venue. You’ll find a list of these countries in our FAQ.

— Options are being studied to make proof of vaccination from other European countries readable, and should be operational by mid-July 2021 at the latest.

— For foreign festival-goers from these other European countries or from countries outside of Europe, we have just obtained authorisation to check vaccination certificates in paper format, if accompanied by proof of identity. Note that the terms remain unchanged—i.e., you must show proof of a complete vaccination schedule. Be sure that the necessary time has elapsed since your second dose (see details on specific time requirements for each vaccine in our FAQ).

— For ticketholders from abroad who are not vaccinated, you are still required to:

> either get an antigen test in a pharmacy (results provided within minutes, for a fee)
> or go to a medical laboratory to get an RT-PCR test (results provided the next day, for a fee).

The box office team is available to answer all your questions by phone at 0820 922 923 (€0.12/min.) or +33 4 34 08 02 17 (from outside France), or by email at billetterie@festival-aix.com.