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Published on November 22 2016

Join the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra!

Orchestre des Jeunes de la Méditerranée, session interculturelle 2016
© Vincent Beaume

Are you a young musician living in a Mediterranean country? Do you want to get high-level training and have a rewarding learning experience? Apply to the auditions and let your talent shine! The Mediterranean Youth Orchestra (MYO) gives young musicians from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region and the Mediterranean the chance to have an educational experience as a musician and in an orchestra. Every year, a hundred young musicians from twenty different countries are chosen from auditions to take part in the MYO sessions at the Académie du Festival d’Aix: a symphonic session and an intercultural creation session. The MYO is now on the lookout for young, talented and passionate musicians from Mediterranean cities.

The symphonic session is designed for young classical musicians from conservatoires, universities and music colleges in the PACA and Mediterranean region. The selected musicians will be conducted by Pablo Heras-Casado, assisted by Quentin Hindley, and supervised by the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) from July 6th to 29th 2017. At the end of the workshops, the young musicians will be invited to perform in concert as part of the 2017 Festival d’Aix’s closing ceremony. The MYO auditions aim to select the best musicians in the Mediterranean region. They are looking for classical musicians of a very high standard at the end of their studies who intend to become professional musicians. Prior musical experience in an orchestra is preferable.

Alongside the symphonic session, the intercultural creation session is designed for young improvisational musicians from Mediterranean countries. Musician and composer Fabrizio Cassol will oversee the group creation experience from July 7th to 19th 2017 whereby a dozen musicians will experience life as an intercultural ensemble in creation, in residency and in concert.
Auditions are for musicians with a unique artistic personality who demonstrate a level of comfort in any style of improvisation (traditional Mediterranean music, jazz, early music) or an aptitude for oral or written composition and who are open to working artistically with musicians from other musical backgrounds.


The MYO is a constellation of musicians, with the challenge that the music must be created on-site!

Fabrizio Cassol, musical director of the 2015 intercultural session

Join this musical and intercultural adventure
and apply now to the MYO auditions!

symphonic session & intercultural creation session

As a taster for the upcoming sessions, relive the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra’s highlights: 

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