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Published on May 24 2019


Blank Out de Michel van der Aa, Création française au Festival d'Aix 2019
© Priska Ketterer
Opera, an art of the future? You bet it is! Indicator of talent, unique in the world, generator of encounters, agitator of reflections, the Académie du Festival d'Aix is also a place of constant experimentation in order to give birth to the artistic forms of tomorrow and to accompany the young artists who will be the creators.


Since its creation over twenty years ago in 1998, the Académie has developed its originality – not only by benefitting from the exceptional possibilities offered by the Festival d'Aix, but also by contributing to keeping the Festival young and by constantly stimulating it. Behind the excellence and the creativity of the Festival lays the audacity of its Académie. The Académie is the insurance taken out by the Festival d’Aix so as never to cease taking risks. It always keeps itself going in a continual movement, in a dialogue rather than delivering a speech. It’s the insurance for staying alive.

Equity, diversity, inclusion. It is the values of the Académie which make it a force and instill in all of the Festival d’Aix.


By bringing together artists coming from all over the world and from all artistic horizons, the Académie is the catalyser where all these elements simmer together. An experimental laboratory where ideas bump into one another, where creativity just goes wild with all the contacts going on.

From the idea to its realisation on stage, the Académie accompanies over time, the young men and women creators as well as their projects and provides them with the tools in order to achieve their ambitions. Every year at the heart of the Académie, new works come to life inventing new plural forms, at the same time as new narratives. 67 is the number of world premieres initiated by the Académie since 1998.

If the Festival d'Aix is unique in the world today as a hub for contemporary creativity, the Académie has something to do with it – with the support of the European network of opera academies (enoa) which brings the reflection about opera of tomorrow to an international.

My opera was born out of these encounters and these discoveries at the Académie.

Ondřej Adámek, composer of "Seven Stones", world premiere at Festival d’Aix 2018


Young artists are the living matter of the Académie, and the Académie is an opportunity for these talents of tomorrow.
For a young artist, to take part in one of the Académie’s residencies or workshops is to open the first door to one of the most important operatic events in the world, to perfect themselves by working with the great masters of their art, to be in touch with an international professional network and put themselves at the heart of a wellspring of talent amongst the most promising of its generation.

It is also an invitation to a window and to a dialogue to think and to see further ahead. For if the Académie trains, it does not brainwash. Chosen from throughout the world, every young artist is able to find here the means of accomplishing his/her unique potential, with full respect for his/her specificity. Here we do not manufacture virtuoso clones; we accompany artistic personalities who are out of the ordinary, whose talent, originality and diversity are an asset.

260 is the number of young artists taking part each year in one of the Académie’s residencies or workshops.


The voice is the DNA of the Académie. What could be more natural at the heart of an opera festival? But there is a lot more: instrumentalists, women and men composers, stage directors, dramaturges, set designers, lighting, costume and visual arts creators… all of them are welcome – and every year the list becomes enriched.

Participate in new artistic experiences with the residencies and workshops offered by the Académie in 2020: Vocal residencyChamber music residencyOpéra de-ci de-là residency —  Opera Creation WorkshopWomen Opera Makers.
Enlarge your outlook with the training programmes of the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra organised with the support of the Medinea network (MEDiterranean INcubator of Emerging Artists) : Symphonic SessionIntercultural creation Sessions in four cities of the Mediterranean. 
Build bridges between generations and audience with the outreach skills sessions.

Stay connected: 2020 training applications will be open online at the beginning of June.

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