Master Class Emmanuelle Haïm, Résidence Haendel, Académie 2015
Vincent Beaume


Mozart Residency

12 - 24 June 2017
as part of the enoa

Ever since the curtain was first raised on the Festival d’Aix, it has always featured Mozart! It’s no surprise then that the Académie has become a key training and professional development venue for vocal coach pianists and singers wanting to develop and refine their interpretation of the Mozartian repertoire.
This singers’ residency is dedicated to the Austrian master and features stage and musical work directed by the talented vocal coach pianist Ouri Bronchti and the choreographer Joseph Alford. 10 singers and 3 pianists have the opportunity to benefit from a rewarding experience with Susanna Eken, vocal professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. As a specialist in the Mozart repertoire and a familiar face at the Festival d’Aix, this peerless tutor engages with Mozart’s work by adopting a combined technical and physiological approach to the voice.

Pinocchio Residency

13 June - 17 July 2017

The Académie is greatly concerned about supporting contemporary music and promoting the next generation of artists. For several years now, it has offered a residency for singers and pianists seeking to develop their skills in a contemporary repertoire and to exchange with composers who wish to experiment and develop their writing skills for the voice.

Spurred on by this desire, the Festival d'Aix hires this year six covers (1 coloratura soprano, 1 soprano, 1 mezzo-soprano, 1 tenor, 1 baritone, 1 bass-baritone) to work on Pinocchio, opera commissioned to Philippe Boesmans on a libretto by Joël Pommerat which will be given during the 2017 season. Actively involved in the rehearsals starting on June 13th 2017, these singers are prepared to replace a singer who could not perform or take part in the tours as planned.

On July 4th, as the rehearsals of Pinocchio are over, the singers attend the second part of the residency which also addresses a pianist and three composers in order for them to broaden together their understanding of the contemporary repertoire and contribute to new forms of writing. They will work under the guidance of Jeff Cohen, pianist and vocal coach, and Ondřej Adámek, composer. This residency is a springboard for opera creation with a spotlight on three world premieres commissioned by the Académie to the three young composers of the workshop, as well as a time to perfect ones knowledge of the contemporary repertoire.

Erismena Residency

21 June - 21 July 2017

To stage the Erismena opera by Francesco Cavalli for the 2017 Festival d’Aix, young understudy singers are recruited from the very first rehearsal to the last performance. These singers are prepared for all eventualities, even replacing a singer who, for various reasons, cannot perform or take part in the tours as planned. After being actively involved in rehearsals, the understudies can take part in a residency to supplement and broaden their knowledge of the baroque repertoire in its entirety. The understudy singers will be supervised by Leonardo García Alarcón and Fabian Schofrin and have the chance to explore drama as well as expressive and stylistic trends of a multi-faceted repertoire through the prism of the Venetian School.

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