Marco Usala

Medinea [ MEDiterranean INcubator of Emerging Artists ] founded and driven by the Festival d’Aix-en-Provence, supports the professional integration of young Mediterranean artists, by developing intercultural projects that enhance dialogue, transmission and mobility in Mediterranean.
The network consists of cultural organisations of the music sector engaged in a dynamics of exchange and collaboration at the international level. They include higher education institutions, cultural centers, festivals, and music markets.


Medinea offers training activities to emerging Euro-Mediterranean musicians in an intercultural context.

The Intercultural Creation Sessions are an innovative composition residency based on intercultural collective composition in the specific field of improvised music originating from the Mediterranean tradition.
Using a creative process of experimentation and improvisation, the Outreach Skills Workshops aim at fueling the musicians’ personal quest for excellence and drive to share their art with the audience, especially audience with a little access to culture.

These activities leading to meetings and dialogue between civilizations established within the same territory are designed to favor professional integration of young musicians, and at the same time enable the Euro-Mediterranean musical heritage to be valued and passed on to future generations, young artists and audience.



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